Planning the Perfect Surfing Holiday in Ireland

Among the many fun activities to enjoy in Ireland is big wave surfing. The Atlantic Ocean throws some of the largest waves, including the iconic “Aileens.” This article shares three essential tips to help surfers plan that successful surfing outing in Ireland.

Surfing Equipment

The most critical aspect is the surfing equipment, and here, you must choose the items depending on skill level and the type of surfing you are into. Make sure you have the right surfboard, leash, and surf wax. Here, settle for nothing less than the top brands as cheap surfing equipment can fail you. It’s also important to consider other essentials such as goggles, a surf watch, an action camera, and sunscreen.

Surfing Gear

Besides the essential surfing equipment, make sure to tag along with the appropriate surfwear, such as wetsuits, boardshorts, and the rest. For men, boardshorts and just any other shorts are up for the task. However, it can be a challenge to find comfortable surfing clothing for women. But women’s sportswear sites such as and other female sports brands have plenty of options for women surfers at affordable prices.

The Right Timing

Ireland has 3,172 kilometers of coastline and hundreds of surfing spots. However, it’s not possible to enjoy big wave surfing all year round. The best time to go surfing in Ireland is September to May when the Atlantic provides plenty of cold water swells and large waves. But still, with the mild temperatures throughout the year, surfing can always be enjoyed.

That’s it, folks, a simple guide on how to plan the perfect surfing holiday in Ireland. Remember, besides surfing, there are many other fun activities in Ireland, including cycling the Great Western Greenway, night kayaking on Lough Hyne, whale watching in West Cork, and star gazing at Blackrock Castle Observatory.