St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

One of the best times to visit Ireland is in March, particularly if the trip can coincide with St Patrick’s Day on March 17. This is reported to be the date of the saint’s death and millions of people all over the world celebrate this day each year. Irish TV will usually show parades from all over the world on this day.

So, what can be expected on St Patrick’s Day? Well, for a start there will be a lot of people wearing green – not just locals, but visitors too. There also be a lot of people wearing a small bunch of shamrocks – this national symbol is closely associated with St Patrick and they are easily found in every town for anyone who wants to join in this tradition.

It is important not to forget that this is also a Holy Day of Obligation, so many practising Christians will be spending some time in church on 17 March. A traditional meal on this day is a roast dinner and while an alcoholic beverage is now a tradition, until the 1970s the pubs were not allowed to open on St Patrick’s Day.