Unusual Festivals in Ireland

One of the most endearing things about Ireland is its quirkiness and so for the opportunity to take part in a strange festival it is definitely the place to be.

Scarecrow Festival
The Durrow Scarecrow Festival takes place in County Laois. This festival has been taking place annually for a number of years now and achieved the title of Ireland’s best festival two years running. Thousands of people attend and there is plenty of fun to be had here.

Twin Fest
Head over to Keash in County Sligo to see (or take part in!) Twin Fest. This unusual Irish festival is open to twins, triplets, quads, etc and they don’t even have to be identical. The festival is run in aid of charity, so they are helping good causes as well as having a good time.

Irish Red Head Convention
Red heads from all over the world can now come to Ireland to celebrate this feature of their looks. The festival takes place in the town of Crosshaven in County Cork and events here include speed dating that is limited to red heads. Other features of the festival include many art and music events.

Gamers might be interested to know that there is a convention aimed at those who have a fascination with Minecraft. Most of the events take place in Meath and Galway in October and November, but there are other events throughout the year. It is possible can pick up merchandise essentials including costumes.

Puck Fair
A trip to Killorglin in County Kerry could bring visitors into contact with the Puck Fair. This is an event dedicated to a goat or the king of the goats! Taking part in the festival are street artists, crafters, buskers, street traders, puppeteers, musicians and even a bonny baby competition.