Traditional Irish Dishes

Do not make the mistake of thinking that there is nothing special about the food in Ireland. The Irish take real pride in the food that they serve and there are definitely a few unique specialities that should be tried while visiting here.

Soda Bread
This is something that is found everywhere and most Irish families will have their own version of a soda bread recipe. One of the most traditional Irish foods, there are a number of different varieties. Try a sweet version that features honey or sugar, or some add seeds and oats for a more savoury and very healthy flavour. And it would not be Ireland if there was not a Guinness version!

Irish Stew
For a real winter warmer, Irish Stew just can’t be beat. This is something that is traditionally made in one pot. Mutton, onions, potatoes and carrots were slowly cooked together for hours although most modern versions are made with lamb. Some recipes include pearl barley and herbs for additional flavour.

Colcannon and Champ
Potatoes are still a main feature of evening meals in Irish households. Colcannon is a dish of mashed potato, cabbage and butter. Some versions will feature spring onions too. Champ is another version of this but substitutes the cabbage for spring onions. This is often served with meat and vegetables and is another favourite during the cold winter months.

Most people don’t get to hear about Boxty until they take a trip to Ireland. Some call it potato bread, others refer to it as potato pancake or potato dumpling. This is a dish that uses grated raw potato mixed with cooked mashed potato and blends it with flour and salt. The mix is boiled and then it can be sliced to be fried in butter. Some use a batter similar to that used for pancakes before frying and there is also a version that can be baked in the oven.

Another Irish dish with an unusual name, Coddle is named after the way that ingredients are ‘coddled’ in a pot together. This is a dish designed to use up all the leftover foods, so it could be that the dish includes sausages or bacon, stewed together with onions or potatoes. These days the dish is not just made to make use of leftovers and it is often served with fresh soda bread.