Visit Blarney Castle

While Dublin Castle is a popular tourist attraction, one of the most important castles in Ireland is Blarney Castle. At more than 600 years old, this castle sees thousands of visitors each year. This is the third castle structure to have occupied the site.

Cormac MacCarthy, King of Munster, was resident at the castle for a while and it was while he was here that the legendary Blarney Stone achieved fame. The castle has changed hands many times and is now owned by the Jefferyes family. However, people come here to see the Blarney Stone. Legend has it that if you kiss the stone you will be able to speak with ease and bring others around to your own way of thinking.

The land around the castle is filled with ancient trees and stones and there is evidence to suggest that there was a site here that was used for pre-Christian worship. The acres of parkland are the ideal place for walking and enjoying the tranquillity. Visitors love the quirky features of the castle gardens that include the ‘Poison Garden’ where poisonous plants have to be kept behind cages to prevent the public coming into contact with toxic substances.