Creating Your Own Irish Bar

Suppose you have ever visited the delightful country of Ireland. In that case, you will have undoubtedly spent some time in one of the thousands of pubs and bars. They have a unique character and are very welcoming to guests who are eager to sample a pint of Guinness or some traditional Irish food. If you have happy memories of the evenings of laughter, music, and the new friends you made, you can re-create this with your own Irish bar at home.

Decorating Your Bar

The first thing you notice when visiting an Irish bar is the eclectic decor, especially the fascinating posters on the walls. They make a great focal point, and it will be easy for you to emulate this by visiting the Desenio website. Their vast range of prints and posters cater to all tastes, and using their simple navigation tools, you are bound to find something you like. Two great examples are posters with the titles of At the Bar and In the Bar, which would look perfect side by side on your wall.

Stocking Your Bar

Of course, you can’t have an Irish bar without stocking some of the country’s most well-known drinks. Guinness will be your first choice, and who could resist a pint of the black stuff? Equally famous is Irish whiskey. Take a look at Desenio, and you will find a lovely collection of whiskey posters that would look stunning when displayed over your bottle collection. One of the posters is printed with a recipe for the iconic Whiskey sour cocktail, which would be fun to make for your friends.

Entertainment in Your Bar

Another distinguishing feature of Irish bars is their traditional music. By simply having this music on in the background, it will create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Desenio has several music-related posters to choose from, which would be an excellent addition and perhaps encourage people to get up and dance. You could enhance these prints with one of the stylish frames offered by Desenio. A metallic option would be a luxury touch, or you may prefer a traditional wooden frame.

Creating your own Irish bar will undoubtedly be a lot of fun, and you will never be short of inspiration. The Desenio website has a section entitled Gallery Walls, and this will give you ideas on how to hang your posters together for the best effect. Your friends and family will look forward to the authentic Irish atmosphere in your bar as they enjoy their Guinness and whiskey.